Shuttle Ride during Heavy Downpour = EPIC FAIL

Today has to be one of the worst shuttle ride home that I have ever experienced.

So I left the office at exactly 6pm. When I got outside, it was already raining hard. No big deal because the shuttle terminal is just a few meters away but the whole intersection along Valero St. and Rufino St. was submerged about an inch deep in water. I knew the water was dirty but I crossed it anyway thinking that I would get home in about an hour or so. After about 15 mins., I arrived at the shuttle terminal and left there at about 6:30 pm. So the usual route was taken from PBcom/Valero St. to Paseo, diverted to Dela Rosa, took a left turn to Rufino and that is where the fun started. I estimate that we were doing maybe 200 meters an hour? :)) and we arrived near Mile Long at around 9pm.

Then the driver decided to take an alternate route…

So now we went from near Mile Long to Greenbelt, passed Makati Ave., then Pasay Rd., took EDSA, then SSHW, went up Skyway, exited at Bicutan, got off Service Road/Sun Valley, walked from service road to house all in just an hour.

Here is the summary:
From office to near Mile Long – 3 hours
From near mile Long to house – 1 hour

I expected the driver to somehow know the traffic situation within the metro in this situation but apparently, not.



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