A Good Take on Amateur vs. Pro Photographers


A good professional photographer has to be an amateur photographer at heart. The origin of the word is “amator” which means lover. So the amateur to me is the passionate one, the lover of the art who happens not do it for business. The pro should have that same love and passion, and happen to do it for work as well. These terms often cause a lot of contention but I stay out of those arguments after I politely and passionately share my views on my photography blog. To me, the same way someone would be considered a professional (insert any job here) because they do it for work (and should be passionate about it) is the same way I view the professional photographer. Still, for me, I hope to have the heart of the hobbyist, the amateur and the professional all wrapped in a bundle that I simply call a “photographer.”


I’m a photographer. It’s who I am, not just what I “do.”
Who we are > what is on 1040 form.

A few years ago when I first started photography beyond hobby times, I worked in corporate jobs and did photography. However, just b/c I did something else didn’t mean charge $20 type rates either. It simply meant I had fewer clients but comparable work to pros who did not work anywhere else. In the last couple of years I’ve only done photography in that make images = make money and nothing else.

I am expanding and changing this again, which I briefly mentioned on my 2010 review post on my photography blog and I will explain further very soon.

Remember though, a photog who ONLY makes images is NO BETTER than one who makes images + teach workshops and NO BETTER than one who makes images + sells products and NO BETTER than one who makes images + works another job they love (or hate).

Photographers are who we are , NOT just what we do.

Amateurs + hobbyists + semi-pro + pro + experienced pro = ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS.


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