Tamiya Yamaha YZR-M1 2005 Build update 030611

Out of boredom, I made a ghetto paint booth inside my room (I’m too lazy to move the airbrush out of my room just to paint parts).

My ghetto paint booth with exhaust fan and piping. The window is sealed with plastic so that the fumes won't come back inside my room.

Now onto the build. Just painted a couple of parts:

If you look closely, the left side is shiny and the right side is rough/matte. I made an error in choosing semi-gloss black for repainting. I'll have to sand down the paint and do it all over again. Le sigh. 😐

The front wheel painted with semi-gloss black. With a little buff, this will look nice. 🙂

Back wheel also painted semi-gloss black.

Added the clutch and painted as well. Also added the piping for the oil cooler.

Another view of the oil cooler piping.

I would have to say that using an air brush is tricky, but with the right technique, awesome results can be achieved. I still need tons of practice to perfect the art of air brushing. 🙂


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