2011 New Years Resolution

I’ve been so out of shape this past decade (because of laziness)… Thats why my new years resolution for 2011 is to continue biking again. This time I’ll be doing it on a regular basis!

I was influenced by my good friend Mike about 2 years ago to go biking with him. Up until this day, I’ve been on the trail (a measly) 3 times, the first time I had to walk 50% of the trail, the 2nd after just 30ish minutes on the trail I gave up, the 3rd was a bit good but still walked almost 40% of the way.

Since I work weekdays, I’ll be training using a stationary bike every night. That should (hopefully) help improve my stamina & leg strength.

Here is what I used before early 2008:

This bike weighs a ton and the shock absorbers were useless. After using this bike on the trail, my ass and forearms were hurting. Good thing I survived riding this bike.

Thanks to Mike, he lent me his old hardtail GTS M5 frame and saved me from buying a new one. Here is what it looked like back late 2008:

And here it is now:
GTS M5 2010 Setup
Shimano Deore RDUnknown brand cranksWTB Imitation Saddle2010_12_28 - 20_44_20 - 2660Da Bomb PedalsDa Bomb Vision Handlebar and Stem

Not much of a looker but defintely serves it purpose.

I’ll be upgrading the parts one by one or replace when necessary.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been drooling over Santa Cruz frames and Fox forks. Gotta have the discipline to resist the upgrade itch!!!!!


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