2nd Blog Post

Ok, here I am writing my 2nd blog post…

I’ve been contemplating for a while whether I did the right thing of buying an expensive lens for my camera and a pair of expensive wireless triggers just for my photobooth business (which, by the way, is still not yet up and running).

I bought the cheapest Canon L lens, 17-40mm f/4 for Php 35,000 and a pair of PWs for around Php 7,000-ish a piece (bought it at Photoworld 2009 w/ discount :D).

So why did I buy the lens? Well, accdg. to the reviews, it has weather sealing, reasonably sharp for a zoom lens, great colors, less CA and a high resale value.

So why did I buy the expensive radio triggers? Reliability.


A couple of things why the business is still at a stand still:

  1. No funds to buy a new computer w/ monitor.
  2. Why my dilemma, I’ve decided to use my own PC.
  3. Since I’m using my own PC, I don’t want to use the Antec 300. So I’ll be using a cheap generic casing and am going to modify it.
  4. Already got a generic casing and already dismantled it for modification but I haven’t really started on the construction.
  5. My PC has 4 1gig sticks of ram, 2 of which are f*cked up. 😐
  6. I’m not really enthusiastic about the business right now.

End of rant.


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